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Ranch Reporter September 2019

Our letter to Mayor Lightfoot

Well there might be a plan, but do you really need to see it

What if we actually give the residents of Chicago a voice in the biggest development in a Century. What if the city stepped up and really wanted to be visionary? Perhaps a legacy for mayor for generations? What if they took into account the North Branch Reserves recommendations? Then Lincoln Yards might look like the attached


Why is this so Difficult

Ranch Triangle Community Conservation Association wants to inform our neighbors and community about the plans for Finkl redevelopment and beyond.  Why isn’t full disclosure in everyone’s best interest?

Attached  are the exchanges between Alderman Hopkins and Ranch. Posted below is the exchange between Ranch Planning Committee Chair Chuck Griffin and Resolute Consulting representing Sterling Bay ( from August 16th and 17th



Dear Chuck,

Thank you for your email.  While we can appreciate your concerns – and those of the RANCH Triangle Community Association board – regarding the current proposal, we do feel that engagement with the Sterling Bay development team at this early juncture will be beneficial in clarifying the present status. We’ve felt the prior discussions with other organizations have been beneficial in identifying community priorities and highlighting specific elements of the proposal, which in turn, can further assist Sterling Bay as they continue to design the Lincoln Yards site.

That said, please consider our offer to meet and discuss the current status of the proposal as an open invitation, should the sentiment of the RANCH Triangle leadership change in the future.



Subject: RANCH Triangle – Sterling Bay meeting

Dear Adam:

Thanks for talking on Tuesday about Sterling Bay and RANCH Triangle meeting to discuss the Lincoln Yards development.  I wanted to make sure that you received our August 13th letter to Alderman Hopkins (attached) about the additional information needed for a productive meeting.  It is disappointing to hear from you that no new information will be made available for our meeting.

The scheduled meetings between Sterling Bay and the community, set by the Alderman and CAC, began with one community-wide meeting, to be followed by a series of meetings with individual associations, to be followed by at least one more community-wide meeting.  These were always planned to occur after the masterplan was released.  The Alderman and CAC agreed that the meetings would not be productive otherwise.

You explained you are following the instructions of Alderman Hopkins, but, it is difficult to understand that these instructions would specifically exclude any directive to share the plans with the community.

You suggested because Sterling Bay controls only 10% of the site currently that it is too early to have a masterplan in place. This begs the question, when will a masterplan become available?  Obviously summer is a difficult time to engage any community.  The series of meetings agreed to between Alderman Hopkins and the CAC, was done in the spirit of worthwhile and true community engagement.  As I mentioned to you, the community groups that drove attendance exceeding 500 people on July 17th presumed detailed, meaningful plans would be released that night.  No such plans were shared.

Your comment that the RANCH Triangle Board of Directors could be doing a disservice to the community by not participating in the “important early part of the process” is off base.  RANCH, as the closest neighborhood to the proposed Lincoln Yardsshould be an integral part of the process.  But a fair and transparent process must be based on substance.  The RANCH Board’s directive, on behalf of our neighbors, is to follow the framework for these due diligence-gathering meetings as clearly established by Alderman Hopkins and the CAC.

RANCH is certainly willing to meet with Sterling Bay.  In the meantime, we will confer with Alderman Hopkins about his instructions to Sterling Bay that no new information would be shared with residents.

Chuck Griffin, Planning Chair


Why All The SECRECY?

Curious about the plans for Lincoln Yards? How big is Lincoln Yards going to be?  Is it only the old Finkl site? Why are plans released on a need to know basis? Read Ranch President Reatha Kay’s most recent letter to Alderman Hopkins Here!



Why is a ‘Once In A Generation’ development so reticent with respect to sharing details?

What are the plans for the former Finkl Steel Site on Cortland Ave?

Here is a link to RANCH’s questions for Sterling Bay and the Alderman representing the area.


To Infinity and Beyond–Finkl Redevelopment

You deserve a voice in this self-described “once in a generation” development.

2nd Ward Alderman Brian Hopkins has called a community meeting regarding the Lincoln Yards Planned Development Proposal at:

Near North Montessori School – Gymnasium 

1434 West Division Street 

Wednesday, July 18 at 6:00 pm 

Limited parking is available in the Bosworth parking lot, and on the south side of Division Street at Holy Trinity Church.  

UPDATE:  Alderman Hopkins’s Community Advisory Committee for the Lincoln Yards development met for the third time on July 11, 2018.  Alderman Hopkins has not yet provided the promised substantive information on the proposed planned development.*  The only information we have is some dated information, much of which has been presented in previous newspaper articles and press releases.  Click here to review.

Nonetheless, other sources have reported that a representative from Sterling Bay presented the following information about the Lincoln Yards development at a Central Area Plan Committee meeting held last week (interestingly, prior to the July 11th Community Advisory Committee meeting):

  • 19 million square feet of new mixed-use development;
  • 7,500 new residential units;
  • 1,000 hotel rooms;
  • 100+ new shops and retailers; and
  •  in two weeks, the city of Chicago will be announcing a $1 billion infrastructure plan.

This 70+ acre development will have a substantial impact on issues affecting the surrounding communities:  traffic, congestion, open space, local schools, environmental, and in others ways.

Please come and hear from the Alderman.

Make your own decisions.

*See the June 2018 issue of the RANCH Reporter for a summary of the May 14, 2018 Community Advisory Committee Meeting and a copy of the April 12, 2018 letter from community groups to Alderman Brian Hopkins discussing process and the request for detailed information on the plan prior to the community-wide meeting.


Extra! Extra! June Ranch Reporter in now available!

Ranch Reporter_June 2018_-fnl