The mission of the RANCH Triangle Community Conservation Association is to advocate for and on behalf of its residents to improve and sustain a high quality of city life. RANCH seeks to fulfill its mission by supporting responsible development, fostering a thoughtful discussion and resolution of community issues, as well as involvement in charitable and community-building activities.

The RANCH Triangle Community Conservation Association was founded in 1963 as a nonprofit community organization representing the residents and businesses within the borders of Racine Avenue, Armitage Avenue, North Avenue, the Chicago River, and Halsted Street. The notation of the triangle comes from the configuration of the major streets on the area. RANCH Triangle CCA is a volunteer-run 501c-3 nonprofit organization and is governed by a Board of Directors.

The RANCH Triangle neighborhood has undergone tremendous change during the past two decades, including large increases in population and traffic, along with an infusion of residential, retail and commercial development. RANCH Triangle CCA serves its constituents by recognizing and preserving historic structures, monitoring new development, listening to residents and giving residents a voice in order to help the area flourish responsibly. RANCH Triangle CCA also works closely with the offices of the 2 Alderman whose wards are encompassed by RANCH’s borders.

Erma Tranter, President
Alexander Dzakovic, Vice President
Reatha Kay, Treasurer
Jeff Price, Membership Chair
Chuck Griffin, Planning Chair
Julie Bartholomae, Secretary

Ryan Korte
Edwin Linker
David Lissner    

Scott Nations
Amy Sprenger
Darren Taylor

Heather Steinmeyer

Paula Render



Planning: Chuck Griffin, Chair
The Planning Committee considers issues regarding residential and commercial development affecting the RANCH Triangle neighborhood. Click the Planning link to see RANCH residential, commercial and restaurant guidelines. The Planning Committee can be contacted at Planning@RANCHTriangle.org.

Much more about our Planning Committee including their approach to commercial and residential development as well as guidelines for those seeking to develop real estate or open a restaurant in the RANCH Triangle neighborhood can be found on our Planning Committee page.

Membership: Jeff Price, Chair
The Membership Committee directs the recruitment of new members and manages renewals of the existing memberships. RANCH Membership can be contacted at Membership@RANCHTriangle.org.


RANCH Board of Directors meets on the second Wednesday of each month (see lower right for dates). Meeting dates may change or be cancelled due to holidays or scheduling conflicts. The meetings are held at Adams Playlot Park, 1919 N. Seminary and begin at 7:15pm. Meetings are open to the public. If you would like to suggest an item for consideration on our agenda please email President@RANCHTriangle.org no later than 1 week prior to the meeting date.

RANCH Planning Committee meets on the first Monday of each month. Meeting dates may change due to holidays or scheduling conflicts. The meetings are held at Adams Playlot Park, 1919 N. Seminary and begin at 7:00pm. Meetings are open to the public. If you have an item for consideration by our Planning Committee, please send an email to Planning@RANCHTriangle.org as soon as possible and no later than 10 days prior to the meeting date to determine materials and information that should be submitted. Also see our Residential Planning Guidelines for additional information.